Accreditation Help Service

Health & Safety accreditation's can be difficult to navigate through, especially for those who have never undertaken it before. Some of the questions can appear at first glance to be quite vague or nonsensical. If you are having trouble getting your head around the complexities then our Accreditation Help Service is the answer.

Our approach

An honest and open approach by both parties is important; clients need to be confident in our approach in order to get the best from the process. It is not done to catch anyone out, but to gain your chosen accreditation.

  • Defining the requirements for the accreditation
  • Desktop review of current policies, procedures and systems
  • Gather the appropriate supporting policies, procedures and other documentation.
  • Identify any missing polices or documentation and update as necessary
  • identify any sections of the requirements that do not apply and complete written statements
  • Present/upload polices, documentation and statements

We will then monitor the process and address any concerns or omissions until such time the accreditation has been awarded.

Want to know more about our Accreditation Help Service?

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