Health & Safety Training

The provision of safety training to staff is one of the most cost effective ways of reducing incidents at work.

It is also a legal requirement under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and most other Health & Safety legislation that companies provide suitable an sufficient training in relation to their undertaking.

Regardless of legislation, trained employees are more likely to work safely, feel motivated and cared for by their company. With the positive effect of reducing lost time incidents and the associated hidden costs and drain on resources. It may also be possible to reduce insurance costs by evidencing a proactive approach to safety.

Fast R Solutions safety training services offer a range of courses designed to increase delegates understanding and practical application for each topic. FastR Solutions training is always tutor lead and delivered both as public open access and company in-house. In house training can be tailored to requirements using companies policies and procedures to give a bespoke feel your employees will be familiar with. Our courses include: -

We are well aware that some Health and Safety Training can feel like death by power point. Sitting in a classroom with a PowerPoint presentation whilst someone drones on is neither inspiring or informative.

Our mission is to remove the perception that all Health and Safety training is lifeless and irrelevant to the audience. Using variety of methods such as video's, interactive activities, practical hands on sessions and actively encouraging delegates to question and share experiences helps to create an enjoyable learning environment for everyone.

Training Room

FastR Solutions dedicated training room is light and airy with plenty of natural daylight; LED lighting has also been installed for when natural light levels are a bit low and vertical blinds help keep the sun and heat at bay when it becomes too bright during the summer months.

Comfortably seating up to twelve delegates with plenty of desk space and room to move around during the interactive sessions or comfort breaks. Our tables can also be reconfigured to give a range of seating options; or can be moved out of the way as and when required.

The large screen TV means everyone get a good view of presentations and the sound bar ensures everyone can hear without having to strain.

Room hire

The FastR Solutions training room can also be hired to local companies who need a room for an hour to a couple of days. Call us on Freephone 0800 246 1802. for more details.