Site-Specific -v- Generic Risk Assessments

In the world of Health & Safety there are many risk assessments, it can become overwhelming and confusing. So we thought we’d explain a couple for you, which you may have heard […]

Builders’ Merchant Fined for Life-Changing Injury

What happened? Let’s go back to August 2021 when three workers were using a fork-lift truck to unload 20 steel mesh sheets weighing approx. 1 tonne that had been delivered to a […]

External Walls are now part of a Fire Risk Assessment

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 will make it a legal requirement from 23 January 2023 for external walls to now form part of an FRA (Fire Risk Assessment). The Act clarifies that responsible […]

Secure Information Boxes

It would be advisable that all multiple occupancy premises have what’s known as Secure Information Boxes (aka Premises Information Boxes), however; The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 will make it a legal […]

Solar Panels & Fire Risks

It is now relatively common to see solar PV panels on rooftops of houses, apartment blocks, public buildings and commercial/industrial buildings. Although fires caused by solar panels are rare, any fire involving a […]

Be Aware of Lithium Batteries!

Lithium batteries can be found in many of our everyday electrical items from mobility scooters to e-cigarettes to mobile phones to laptops and many more.  They are usually recognised as the  lightweight, […]

Smoke & Fire Alarms for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing

For anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing may have varying levels of sensitivity to sounds.  Some conventional alarm sounders may be detected, but many people find the higher frequencies produced […]

Young Persons

What’s the definition of a “Young Person” – It is someone under the age of 18 as defined by the HSE. Responsibilities when employing a young person Whether it’s for work, work […]

Using Ladders & Stepladders

The HSE have issued a safety bulletin with guidance on the use of ladders and stepladders, but why and what does this mean? So, what’s the updated advice? The HSE recognised the […]