Health, Safety and Fire safety training iconTraining of staff can be one of the most cost effective ways of reducing health & safety incidents. It is also a requirement under the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and most other Health & Safety legislation.

Regardless of legislation, trained employees are more likely to work safely, thereby reducing lost time incidents and the associated drain on resources. It may also be possible to reduce insurance costs by evidencing a proactive approach to safety &  reduced incident rates.

FastR Solutions offer a range of courses both classroom based and on-line. Classroom based courses are delivered both as open access and in house which can be tailored to your requirements. Courses include:-

We are well aware that some training can feel like death by power point. Our mission is to remove the perception that all training is based on sitting in front of PowerPoint presentation whilst someone drones on. We use a variety of methods to ensure delegates are engaged. The use of video, interactive activities, practical hands on sessions along with encouragement to question and share experiences help to create an environment everyone will enjoy.

Don’t have the time or resources for classroom based training? 

Then our range of on-line courses is the ultimate solution for you. Courses are available to anyone with access to a computer & the internet. They are also an economical way for companies to meet their legal obligations.

Visit our E-Learning page for more information on our range of over sixty on-line courses.

Whatever your needs we can help

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