Manual Handling trainingAs a cost effective solution Manual Handling Training is the #1 ‘Most Underrated Courses’ available.


Which is hardly surprising considering how inconsistent some of the training can be. But when Manual Handling Training is done correctly it has the potential to save company’s hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

Every time an employee calls saying they are not going to be in work due to a bad back, pulled muscle or crushed fingers; it costs money. Whether those costs be through sick pay, over time payments, hiring temporary staff to cover the absence or worse through eager solicitors wanting to claim compensation for their ‘clients’.

Fast R Solutions will help reduce those costs.

Our approach to manual handling training differs from other providers, in that we will not provide generic training. We take the time to understand the needs of the company and then tailor the training to meet those needs.

Using items (boxes of paper to manufactured components)  your employees will handle from day to day, we use presentations, media, practical demonstrations and ‘hands on’ practice. Add this to interactive discussions, tutor feedback and we get an enjoyable training session everyone will gain something from.

This means our training is never quite the same twice. Even our open access courses are fluid enough to take individual needs in to account but always cover all the important aspects required to help minimise the risks from manual handling.


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