Red Fire Risk Assessment IconFACT: A Fire Risk Assessment are a legal requirement.

Astonishingly, in excess of 60,000 inspections are conducted by enforcement authorities every year and hundreds of these visits result in official sanctions, because of fixable inadequacies or lack of training.

Sanctions range from enforcement notices to prison sentences due to a complete lack of an assessment, or an assessment which is deemed to be “unsuitable and insufficient”. These solvable problems put workers and the general public at risk, but can just as easily be fixed.

Article 9 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) requires that “The responsible person must make suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to which… persons are exposed”. This means most business’s and properties will need a written fire risk assessment completed by a competent person.

Premises inspected include:-

Picture of Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislative document detils requirements for fire risk assessment

  • Light industrial
  • Residential property (apartments, HMO’s etc.)
  • Care homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial properties
  • Town and Village halls
  • Places of worship

Choosing the right fire risk assessor is essential as getting it wrong can be costly. Fast R Solutions highly qualified and experienced assessors have been providing fire risk assessments for all the above types of property for over a decade throughout England and Wales. Our assessors travel from all around the country to Aberystwyth, throughout London, Kent and the Home Counties to Devon, Cornwall and the Midlands, East Anglia on on up to Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Our expertise and realistic approach will provide you with a “suitable and sufficient” comprehensive fire risk assessment; which is easy to understand and free of unnecessary clutter or jargon. Utilising the PAS 79 standard for life safety our Fire risk assessments are written so  you can comply with the requirements of the RRO.

We are also able to provide ongoing support whilst you deal with any recommendations that are made. So you can be sure you have access to the right knowledge and right information the assessor had in mind when making those recommendations.

Whether you need a type 1 assessment or a full on type 4 assessment or something in-between we can help.

Want to know whether you are responsible for having a fire risk assessment completed?

Things change regularly, but it’s our job to be ‘on top’ of this changes for you. So checkout our ‘FRA Who, What When‘ page for clear and precise up-to-date guidance.

Already have a Fire Risk Assessment?

Did you know that your fire risk assessment needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it is still “suitable & sufficient”?

There are many reasons why your assessment should be reviewed from legal and environmental changes to changes of use or users of the building. If you need help to review your assessment then contact us, one of our highly qualified assessors will be able to help.

Fire safety awareness training?

FastR Solutions can also provide fire safety awareness training for employees, fire wardens and the responsible person. We tailor all our training courses to suit your needs.

Check out our Fire Safety Training page for more details.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements or questions.




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