Here are a few simple steps to check that your fire extinguishers will be ready if they are needed:

Who’s responsible for checking the extinguishers? Responsibility should be with someone who is reliable and will carry out regular checks.

Are your extinguishers in the correct place? Is each extinguisher visible?

Can they be reached easily?

Are the operating instructions legible and facing outwards?

Has the extinguisher been used? Are the seals and tamper tags in place? Is the extinguisher damaged?

Always remember P.A.S.S. >>> pull, aim, squeeze, sweep

We have a wide range of fire extinguishers available to order, from the standard red ones through to our Prestige range. Our Prestige range are perfect for modern bars and restaurants, luxury hotels and contemporary commercial interiors. This is fire safety equipment you actually want on show! Available in Water Based, Foam, Powder and C02. All these extinguishers come with a five-year guarantee.

Every workplace should have the relevant fire extinguishers and they are an integral part of the fire provisions within any building. To ensure they are in good working order, they need to be serviced annually.

If you would like some advice on the fire extinguishers in your workplace. please contact us on 0800 246 1802

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