Asbestos header pictureFACT: Asbestos kills approximately 4000 people a year in the UK. That’s more people than on the country’s roads each year…


HSG210 Asbestos essentials cover page

Asbestos Essentials HSG210

Ensuring your property has an asbestos survey can help in reducing the number of people affected.

FastR Solutions offers this survey service to suit your specific needs.

Management survey

This survey is required for any property built or refurbished before 2000.

A survey of this type is designed to help the ‘responsible person’ manage any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) that may be found in accordance with article 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Managing Asbestos

Managing & working with Asbestos L143

Refurbishment Survey

This is required before any refurbishment plans are implemented or more involved maintenance works are implemented. It is essential where works need access to voids and risers. Having this survey carried out well in advance, and not the day before the works start, means ACMs can be identified, dealt with correctly with minimal disruption.

Demolition Survey

A fully intrusive survey of this type is essential before any demolition work is undertaken. it is used to identify any ACMs present. These materials can then safely be removed and properly disposed of before works begin.

Already have an Assessment?

Do you know if your assessment is still suitable and sufficient? Does it meet the legal requirements?

If in doubt then our review service can put your mind at ease. We can also advise on what the next steps should be, if any.

Need Asbestos safety training?

Fast R Solutions can also provide training to suit your requirements. Check out our training page for more details.

Our Survey’s

When comparing our costs please keep in mind that we do not compete on cost; we do not charge per sample; we do not charge for additional extras to our surveys.

What you do pay for is an exceptional guaranteed ‘get it right first time’ service.

Contact us today to discuss your questions or requirements.


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